ShapePlacer 1.1.0

ShapePlacer 1.1.0
Patch Notes - 2020/01/6

Added a few useful features and changes to make the game feel more complete, including color customization for all the shapes.


  • Restart counter that informs the player when the game is going to restart after a game over
  • Separate music and sound effect volume sliders in the options menu
  • Fullscreen and grid checkboxes in the options menu
  • Individual color customization for all 7 shapes


  • Renamed the game to ShapePlacer
  • Replaced the sound button with an options menu button
  • The game is now covered while paused
  • The pause button can now also be activated with the spacebar key
  • Decreased the minimum wait time to pause and un-pause from 2 sec to 1 sec

Bug Fixes:

  • Shapes can no longer drop one more space after the game is paused

Download the source code here:

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Jan 06, 2020

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