ShapePlacer 1.2.0

ShapePlacer 1.2.0
Patch Notes - 2020/01/11

Another update is here! Not as many new additions this time, but there are a few good changes and bug fixes.


  • Back button on controls page
  • A second shape visible in the next shape window


  • The high score is now updated dynamically instead of waiting for the end of the game to set the score
  • Improved the responsiveness of the controls
  • Shapes now return to their default drop speed after the game is unpaused
  • Minor changes to the user interface

Bug Fixes:

  • Holding the down key to increase shape drop speed now increases the speed instantly instead of waiting to drop one more space
  • Shapes no longer spawn inside each other when they reach the top of the screen
  • Shape drop speed is now correctly reset at the start of each game

Download the source code here:

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Jan 11, 2020 16 MB
Jan 11, 2020 15 MB
Jan 11, 2020

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